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XIANJU YIJIA ART & CRAFTS CO.,LTD. is a professional

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. Our main products are jewelry display stand, Jewelry Mannequin, jewelry storage boxes .

Most of our products are exported to Europe, America, Middle Asia and East Asia. We have won a good reputation for the high quality of our products, reasonable prices and quality services. Win all customers' trust and support, we know a lot about our long-term partners.

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Aug 11,2022

What should be considered when customizing jewelry boxes?

   Jewelry box customization, jewelry box is very important for every woman, jewelry box is not only used to store jewelry, but also a symbol of identity and taste, so what should we consider when we customize jewelry box?     First of all, jewelry b...

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Aug 04,2022

There are two points in the selection skills in the jewelry box

According to the selection of jewelry     Before choosing a jewelry box, it is best to take stock of the number, type, material hardness, style and size of your jewelry. If there is a large amount and variety of jewelry, then you must need a desktop ...

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Jul 28,2022

How much do you know about the common materials in jewelry boxes?

  Beautiful jewelry is a favorite among women, but did you notice their outerwear jewelry box when you pulled them out? Thinking about it carefully, the jewelry boxes we see on weekdays seem to be similar. In fact, it is not. There are many articles ...

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Jul 21,2022

Jewelry packaging box design, how to be more eye-catching?

    Jewelry can be said to be an indispensable thing in Chinese weddings. It is a noble and elegant luxury, so its packaging must not be underestimated. Jewelry packaging must be visually appealing and add practical value to consumers.        For the...

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Jul 15,2022

Jewelry Packaging Care Machine

When shopping for jewelry, good-looking packaging will make your eyes shine. The right packaging not only protects the jewelry, but also attracts the eye and adds to the icing on the jewelry. The role of jewelry packaging The primary task of jewelr...

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Jul 08,2022

What aspects need to be considered in the design of jewelry packaging

Jewelry packaging design is an indispensable and important part and external form of jewelry packaging props. Creative packaging design is not only a coat for jewelry to enter the market, but also an effective means to reflect the value of jewelry a...

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Jun 30,2022

How do jewelry props reflect the importance of display

In jewelry display, jewelry props are more used to set the focus or create a balance of product display, so that customers can create rhythm, coordination, and hierarchy, and it is easy to lock the target product. To do the display design of the jewe...

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Jun 24,2022

Why Jewelry Packaging Should Give It Connotation

With the development of society, people have higher and higher requirements for the cognition and recognition of jewelry packaging props. In addition to designing unique jewelry, jewelry brands can also try to start with packaging. Jewelry packagin...

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Jun 17,2022

The original jewelry box material also has so much attention

Modern people have their own unique opinions on dressing, which is not only reflected in clothing, but jewelry has also become an indispensable part of clothing. When taking out the jewelry, did you notice the jewelry packaging props? The shapes of ...

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Jun 09,2022

What are the factors that affect the price of jewelry packaging

The prices of various items of jewelry packaging props are relatively small compared to jewelry, jewelry store decoration, and jewelry display cabinets. Most of them are consumables and need to be re-ordered every once in a while. The rising labor co...

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Jun 02,2022

Analysis of artistic image and technical characteristics of ceramic arts and crafts works

Ceramic arts and crafts works are not only simple works of art that can be viewed from a distance but not obscene, but have their own unique artistic practicality, and this practicality has gradually become one of the main functions of my country's ...

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May 27,2022

How to color bright ceramic jewelry

1. The professional is to use a special engraving and milling machine, or a sandblasting machine. The color is done with ceramic pigments. High temperature is a range of common pigments between 800 and 1250°C. Only after the final firing temperature...

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